Lake Region State College

Wind Technician Program Begins at LRSC

Lake Region State College’s wind energy technician program officially has started.

The first class of wind turbine technicians has been registered and will begin classroom study in August. Eighteen students are enrolled in the program. A pre-requisite to entering the program was to complete a preliminary tower climb, which the students experienced June 29-30.

The climb gives students a sense of the working environment they will be entering upon completing the program and joining a wind farm technician crew. Climbing the wind turbine will be a common activity once they are employed.

“Because a wind turbine can be a dangerous and challenging environment in which to work, the goal of our program here is to train students how to work safe and smart,” said Jay Johnson program coordinator and head instructor for the wind energy program at LRSC.

The first year of courses will be offered on-campus at Lake Region State College in Devils Lake. Some training pieces likely will occur at the NextEra Energy wind farm near Langdon, ND and other area wind farms.

After the first year of study, students will earn a certificate of completion. At this point, certificate completers can enter the workforce. They also can choose to stay and complete the completion of an associate in applied science degree work and earn their associate in science degree. The second year of coursework will be offered online and other formats to accommodate working students.

Lake Region State College plans to install a utility-scale turbine to both power the campus and serve as a training tool for students. The turbine also will help the college reduce the carbon footprint of Lake Region State College as well as provide power for heating the entire college campus.

For more information call 662-1600.

Originally Posted 7/18/2009