Relocation Information

Considering a personal relocation? Maybe starting or relocating a business isn’t for you. Perhaps you would simply like to find a job and move to a safe community, one that is perfect for raising your family? Submit your resume to Forward Devils Lake and we’ll make it available to our members upon request. Submit to

Deciding to relocate or expand a business?  Everything must be a good feel for all of the parties involved.  Is there an existing building that will fit your need?  Is there attractive green space for new construction? Will there be qualified employees available or willing to relocate to the new location?  Will those employees be happy in Devils Lake?  Will there be assistance available to the business before and after the move?  The answer is an easy YES, YES, YES!

Is your business stable and growing? Do you treat your employees well and pay a living wage and higher?   If your answer is YES – then let’s continue this conversation!

Financial assistance may be available to assist with the transition.  Contact Forward Devils Lake for additional information.

If you received a postcard in the mail and would like a relocation packet mailed to you, please e-mail Rachel at