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Company Overview

North Dakota Telephone Company (NDTC) began operation in 1993 as a multi-faceted telecommunications company headquartered in Devils Lake, North Dakota. Owned by a consortium of three area telephone cooperatives (United Telephone Mutual Aid Cooperative, Langdon, ND; Dakota Central Rural Telephone Cooperative, Carrington, ND; and Polar Communications, Park River, ND), NDTC provides telephone, Internet, and television service (where available) to over 11,000 customers in northeastern North Dakota.

NDTC employs over 65 local individuals, all with a focus to provide quality communications services to our customers at a reasonable price. Every day we strive to improve the ways you communicate while working to enrich the communities in which we live and work.

Services & Network

Over the years, NDTC has invested heavily in the electronics and infrastructure necessary to deliver state-of-the-art services to our customers. This complex design gives NDTC customers many basic and advanced services from which to choose:

  • unlimited local telephone service
  • long distance telephone service
  • high speed Internet access
  • digital TV
  • computer networking, wiring, & maintenance
  • web site designing and hosting
  • security and surveillance equipment
  • dedicated data circuits and more

NDTC Affiliates

NDTC is a member-owner of North Dakota Long Distance (NDLD). Established in 1996, NDLD provides business and residential long distance, calling card services, and cellular service.

NDTC is also a member-owner of Dakota Carrier Network (DCN). DCN, established in 1996, provides carrier Ethernet, private line, asynchronous transfer mode, frame relay and broadband services to any location in the state of North Dakota. The DCN network connects to surrounding states and has an international connection to Canada.

In 2003, along with its three owner companies, NDTC was fundamental in establishing North Plains Utility Contracting (NPUC). As a utility construction company, NPUC performs much of the underground construction for NDTC as well as other utility companies in the area.