Welcome to Devils Lake, North Dakota!

The Forward Devils Lake Development Corporation is the public/private non-profit organization that is responsible for assisting in start-up, relocation and expansion of businesses in the Devils Lake Area.

Economic Development is the art of creating an area enticing enough to be a business location balanced with a financial package that will benefit the business as well as the area itself.  Business development works best when it is in association with community development and we have it together in Devils Lake.  The Lake Region has available space, quality employees and above all, it is a safe area to raise a family.

Entrepreneurs are appreciated in the Lake Region and we are experienced in assisting business start-ups as well as business expansions.  Could you be the next success story in the Lake Region?

Welcome to Devils Lake, North Dakota! We are an area that is rich in culture, beauty and economic opportunity. A pristine place full of people trained to assist you in starting, expanding or relocating your business and waiting to welcome your family to our safe neighborhoods!