Devils Lake has an strong agricultural economy and FDL is proud to have the opportunity to help our farming culture grow!  Summers Manufacturing is located west of town on Hwy 2 in our Industrial Park.

This story starts in 1965.  After searching for new business opportunities, Harley Summers purchased the patent rights for Goebel truck and pickup hoists. He started manufacturing the products in a small shop but quickly outgrew the space, requiring him to build a 7,200-square-foot factory in Maddock to meet demand.

After collaborating with local farmer Ardon Herman to build a heavy-duty harrow, Summers purchased the rights to manufacture and market the product. Originally known as the Herman Harrow, it quickly helped Summers earn its reputation for building Field Tested Tough agricultural equipment.

By 1980, the company needed more land than was available at their current site. As a result, Summers built its new 26,000-square-foot factory on 24 acres within the Devils Lake industrial park.  By the early 90’s a series of expansions took place at the Maddock and Devils Lake facilities . The added space accommodates the production of Summers’ rapidly growing product line.

After identifying farmers’ needs for a new tillage solution, Summers develops the industry’s first true vertical tillage tool: the Supercoulter. Since then, practically every other manufacturer has emulated this concept, and vertical tillage has become a common term among most farmers.

Several expansions were done in the Devils Lake facility, with offices added in 2013.  Today, they have a large product line including, but not limited to:

Coulter Chisel
 Disk Chisel
DK Diamond Disk
DT Diamond Disk
Harrow Packer 6350
Harrow Packer 7960
Rolling Chopper
Super Chisel
Super Coulter
Super Harrow 3580
Super Harrow 3960
 Super Weeder
VRT 2530


Land Rollers
Coil Packer
Hydraulic Fold Super Roller
 Trail Typer Super Roller
Field Spraying Equipment:
LT Super Sprayer
XLT Super Sprayer
Mounted Attachments:
Mounted Harrow
Mounted Rolling Basket
Mounted Rolling Chopper
Rock Removal Equipment:
Rock Picker

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